Narcissus Loop extract

Narcissus Loop, 2018 Christin Paige Minnotte (mirror, video) with Lauren Shapiro's cement polygons Ink on plexiglass mirror, video (6m : 10s), cement 72 x 60 inches "Narcissus Loop" engages the viewer in a dynamically illumined landscape which occupies the space between idea and concrete form, between soul and sense, spirit and matter.  Engaging repetition, inversion, mirror, translucent inks and projection, the work creates form from light, amplifying, extending and shifting glowing forms in nature between the mirror’s two-dimensional plane and three-dimensional space and thus describing the interstices between form and the infinitude of its descriptive manifestations  The work creates a portal to an otherworldly reflection of man dwelling in the idea, or soul, of nature. Like the mythical Narcissus who lost himself in a continuous loop of self reflexivity, the observer loses himself in the wonder of his perception in constant interplay with nature.

Disposable Ethic by Christin Paige Minnotte

Disposable Ethic illuminates an irony of industrial progress, specifically with respect to plastics in the ocean - the idea that mankind’s ability to transcend natural limits could seal its doom. It asserts the evolutionary irony that the human species’ gift of creative intelligence seems, in the case of plastic as a world changing innovation, at odds with humanity’s survival. Disposable Ethic is particularly about the intersection of the aforementioned creative intelligence as it relates to ethics in the case of plastic. It articulates that intersection of the beauty of creative intelligence and the tragedy of the unethical use of that intelligence.

Waterway at Collabo 6 Efrein + Minnotte

A collaborative installation work by Christin Paige Minnotte and Jenna Efrein at Collabo 6 Miami, FL 2019

RELEASE trailer

RELEASE is a screendance (short dance film) by Christin Paige Minnotte that explores the kaleidoscopic mental process of letting go. Dance articulates the lamentation of recalled memory as a means to releasing the burdened past in order to emerge into a new and present, exultant freedom. Cinematography, Art Direction + Production : Christin Paige Minnotte Choreography + Dance : Marissa Alma Nick Original Musical Score : George Tandy Jr

Black Carriage White Heart trailer

The trailer of a "screendance" or dance on film I shot and was DP (Director of Photography) on for Alma Dance Theater, Miami.